I LOVE Yule log, there is nothing better than a huge fat slice over the festive period whilst all cosy in front of a fire watching a Christmas film. I have never attempted to make a Yule log though until Waitrose set me a Christmas recipe challenge; what better time to give it a go. I googled gluten free Yule log and stumbled upon one by Nigella which looked pretty darn tasty. I headed off to Waitrose to get some of the ingredients.

Now I must confess I had a little help from my Mum with this recipe who happened to be visiting. It was relatively straightforward but could be a little finickity at times – the rolling of the log was the scariest bit! Anyway we got there in the end and I was a very happy bunny.
We had a wee taste before I popped it in the freezer ready for Christmas Day and it was seriously good!! I would definitely recommend if you have a sweet tooth like me.
Check out the handy gluten free guide from Waitrose where they share recipes and you can see what gluten free treats are available!
Next week I will be doing a quick and easy dinner recipe ideal for using up leftover turkey!
Claire 🙂

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