Last year I did a round up of my favourite gluten free discoveries so thought I would do the same this  year before we roll into 2016.

My favourite cereal find, without a doubt, is Nutribix. I seriously cannot get enough. If you miss Weetabix check these out. They are not quite the same (the name Weetabix gives that away a little!) but they come a close second! The only downside is the price. At the moment they are £4 a box in Sainsbury’s and a little under £4 in Tesco. Hopefully over time the price may creep down.

A very recent find and one I think is going to be a firm favourite is The Cosy Club.  Here you will find a separate gluten free menu along with knowledgable staff. They have a pretty wide menu to suit any palette.

Another restaurant find who also have a gluten free menu is Ed’s Easy Diner – maybe not so good for the waistline though so a once in a while treat methinks. Amazing gluten free buns and fries – go hungry!!

I always have Trek bars in the cupboard, they are a firm favourite and a good on the go snack. Widely available and a few different flavours to choose from. I am sure I have been eating these longer than a year but I just had to include them. They are also part of the Nakd family, another firm fave.

A gorgeous gluten free gnocchi by Bioniti is next up on my favourites although not as widely available unfortunately. Interestingly I was not a fan of gnocchi before I gave up the gluten but I love these little guys! I must track some more down.

I think my favourite find of 2015 has to be Gorgeous Gertie’s Cafe in Dorking. If you live remotely near do pay them a visit. Gorgeous gluten free cakes along with gluten free bread and lovely smoothies. Above the cafe is am amazing shop selling beautiful gifts along with vintage goodies. A lot of them are local sellers which is just the icing on the (gluten free) cake! Do go!



I think that is it for 2015. I have already recently tried a few new lovely products that will feature on my blog in 2016.

Hope you have all had a fab year and that you too found some new favourites.

Happy New Year!

Claire xx

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