Yesterday I sampled two of Schar’s gluten free products and both were a hit! Schar are well known in Europe and last year (I believe) took over Dietary Specials in the UK. They have a variety of products and I am slowly working my way through them. Today I sampled the white rolls.

They come frozen but only take ten minutes in a oven. Bacon sandwiches were on the menu so I popped two in the oven.

They had really good reviews on Sainsbury’s so I was keen to see if they lived up to the reviews. They did. Tasted like a proper roll, lovely and crusty and did not crumble everywhere which can often be the case with gluten free rolls.  They were fab and I am definitely going to keep a supply in the freezer.
Next up is a sweet treat. If, like me you miss a Twix then grab yourself some of these bad boys!
These come pretty close to tasting like a proper Twix and come in a handy size so you don’t feel like you are blowing a whole load of calories in one sitting. Perfect with a hot chocolate on a drizzly afternoon.
Loving your work so far Schar – keep it up!
Claire x

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