Leon is one London chain I have wanted to try for a while.  Leon is a fast food place with a difference – they serve healthy (but still tasty) dishes you can take away or eat in. I know if I worked in London this would totally be my go to lunch spot. Nearly all of their menu is gluten free too and very clearly labelled to boot. I happened to be up in town yesterday with friends and suggested Leon as we were already near The Strand. None of us were disappointed. It took me a while to decide on what to have but as I knew the day was going to be reasonably indulgent (quite a few cocktails were consumed later on in the day!) I opted for the super healthy chicken superfood salad.

Sorry about the photo, I had managed to put a lot of it away before I remembered to reach for my phone! I also had some of there fries (sooo good!) and the really sweet guy at the counter threw one of these in for free:
I have yet to try it but I’m pretty convinced it is going to be tasty – I shall report back!
Leon was a hit for lots of reasons – healthy, quick, tasty, brilliant selection, sweet treats if you fancy, and reasonably priced – perfect.
What is brilliant too is that if you hop on over to their website it breaks down the full nutritional content for you. Maybe I will skip that part for the lemon ginger crunch mind 😉
Next time you are in London check them out, I really really hope they expand further!
Claire xx

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