A few days ago the lovely people at Juvela got in touch to see if I would like try some of their products. Perfect timing as my bread stash was getting seriously low in the freezer. They sent me a few items but the first product I put to the test were their white rolls.

I like to keep rolls to hand in the freezer to accompany soup or when I get a craving for a cheese and pickle sandwich (the best!). I remember the rolls I used to eat when I was diagnosed eight years ago and they were pretty awful to be fair. The gluten free industry has come on massively over the past few years and the fantastic range of bread now on offer is fantastic. The Juvela rolls are best warmed through so you get that just baked taste.

Before I popped them into the oven I thought they resembled doughnuts I must confess! haha Ten minutes later I am filling my face with the aforementioned cheese and pickle sandwich. These are tasty rolls: not dry, not crumbly and that lovely freshly out of the oven taste. Perfect.

Juvela make a range of fab gluten free staples that are available on prescription.

Watch this space for more Juvela reviews!

Claire xx

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