I am surprised I have never been to the Ask Italian chain before, especially as there is one locally to me in Epsom. Last night we went off to watch The Revenant (good film – go see) and decided to grab a pizza beforehand. I checked out the online menu for Ask to discover they do gluten free pizza bases so what better time to give them a whirl. On arrival I was presented with a separate gluten free menu which is always such a time saver as you can instantly see what you can eat, plus you don’t have to put yourself through feeling despondent about the things you can’t eat!

There was a really good amount to chose from – pizza, pasta, fish, salad and risotto.  I knew from the outset I wanted pizza and opted for a spicy one!
This was a really good pizza – I would liken it to the gluten free pizza from Prezzo, who knows they may use the same suppliers. Thin and crispy base, packed with cheese and tasty toppings – no way was this bad boy skimping on taste. The base was a really decent size too which was both good and annoying as I had no room for desert (gluten free cake was on the menu!).
I would definitely return to Ask although next time I plan to go hungry so I am able to enjoy a sweet treat too.
Claire xx

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