Following on from my Juvela roll post a couple of weeks ago I also wanted to let you know how fantastic their bread is too. I was lucky enough to have a little box of Juvela goodies sent to me which included both a white and brown loaf.

Both of these loaves are fantastic. I remember, quite clearly, trying gluten bread for the first time back in 2008 and although the companies were trying hard it really did not resemble the bread I remembered pre-diagnosis. The gluten free companies are knocking it out of the park now and sometimes it really is hard to tell the difference, to the point that sometimes I think I have toasted the wrong bread!

Juvela hits the mark with this bread and I demolished both loaves insanely quickly. It doesn’t fall apart, has that freshly baked taste and they are not at all dry. It is so nice to have so much choice now and Juvela is definitely a firm favourite.

You can get Juvela on prescription – all the details are on their website.

Thanks again Juvela!

Claire xx

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