As you may already be aware I am a lazy cook. If I can opt for something that can be cooked in just one pan and be reasonably healthy I am happy. The following dish takes no more than a couple of minutes to prep and no more than five minutes to cook. It is all done in one pan and can be heaped into a large bowl once cooked – who doesn’t love bowl food!

Tilda bagged rices are my go to when it comes to a simple supper. Yes,  I know it can be construed as being lazy and also more costly that purchasing a big bag of rice and boiling it but they are SO SIMPLE AND QUICK! Plus they always have deals on 😉

The latest edition to the Tilda family is the Firecracker rice, it is currently limited edition but I am really hoping it becomes a permanent edition – I have already tweeted Tilda twice on this matter and I am also hoping this blog does the trick too else I shall have a major strop!

The following dish is so insanely easy to make and you really can make it your own and chuck in literally anything.

I had a look in our fridge to see what needed eating up – chicken breast, chorizo, stir fried veggies and peppers. Start by cutting the chicken and chorizo into bite sized pieces and fry in a little olive oil until pretty much cooked through. Chuck in your vegetables and rice and fry until cooked through and hot. Bung it in a bowl, pop the TV on to your current addiction (Dexter for me!) and relax and enjoy!
Yumminess in bowl – please Tilda don’t take the Firecracker rice away!


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