orn and rice are friends of my belly and because of this they make up a fair amount of my diet. I have blogged about rice cakes before and my love for Kallo (which I still buy every single week) but a couple of weeks ago they were unavailable with my online Sainsbury’s delivery and they substituted them for white chocolate rice cakes. Pah, I thought, they won’t be as good but they were – hooray! Let’s face it rice cakes are never going to be the most indulgent of sweet treats but the white chocolate  coating makes them perfect for an afternoon snack at my desk. I have already repurchased and will continue to do so alongside my Kallo rice cakes.

These little beauties are by Nature’s Store, who are based in the UK and do a variety of gluten free products – check out their website to have a perusal at all their products. I have noticed they do Viennese Moments which I am very keen to try next!

Another new product I stumbled upon in Waitrose were these crackers:

They looked interesting and unlike anything I had really tried before and as Waitrose were doing buy one get one half price across their Free From range I popped them in the basket. I have to admit I didn’t have huge hopes for them and anticipated they would be quite plain. I am pleased to report that I was wrong, bags of flavour and no real need for a dip or topping although they would be lush dipped in a sour cream dip – nobody is going to deny that.
RW Garcia are a company I had not heard of and after a Google I can tell you that it was started by a couple who started a tortilla chip range initially. Their range has expanded and is available across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia! That’s some going!
Two new products that are currently gracing my shelves and that I would recommend to your tastebuds.
Claire x

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