Last Sunday I had a brilliant morning with some amazing girlfriends as we did a 12k walk through the beautiful Surrey Hills for charity. We spent a couple of hours laughing, putting the world to rights and generally having girltime. It was a perfect morning.

The walk was through the Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking so after we had completed our rather soggy walk we decided to stop for lunch. I didn’t really want anything huge as I knew I would be eating a big meal later so I was one happy camper when I clapped my eyes on this!

A simple ham roll. Gluten eaters won’t understand the glee when you find something like this as you are not forced to eat a bigger meal or perhaps something you don’t want, a jacket potato or an unhealthy option like chips. All I wanted was a light lunch so this made me happy. They also had an amazing looking toffee cake that was also sans gluten but I decided to go for this little chap instead.
As somebody who can often be limited when they go out to eat this really hit the spot. One of the guys in Denbies was really helpful too when I enquired about the gluten free options. If you live in the Surrey area and fancied a bite to eat and a wander around some vineyards then do check Denbies out.
Claire xx

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