Imagine a cafe where as a coeliac you can eat anything you lay your eyes on. Doesn’t seem possible right? Well, it does exist and this amazing little place is called Beyond Bread Bakeryin Fitzrovia, London. I have wanted to visit them since I heard about them but they are, unfortunately, not exactly local. Last Sunday I had a free day and jumped in my car and pootled up to central London – free parking and no congestion charge – love it!

Beyond Bread Bakery opened in Fitzrovia at the start of 2015 and have literally just opened a new branch in Islington – please come to SW London/Surrey!! Their menu is simply to die for – brunches including dishes such as poached egg and smashed avocado (instagramers dream haha) for the health conscious, amazing looking toasted sandwiches and a gorgeous array of sweet treats and breads. I honestly didn’t know where to look first.

I opted for a healthy brunch of smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast. The eggs were perfectly cooked and I was one very happy camper sitting in the window watching the world go by. There was no way I was coming home without some goodies so I bought a baguette, sundried tomato roll, danish pastry, sourdough loaf and a wedge of New York cheesecake. They were all gorgeous, in particular the sundried tomato roll and the cheesecake – I would travel back up to see them for the cheesecake alone!

The cafe is a lovely little place, bright and airy with really friendly staff and I cannot wait to go back. Below are some snaps you may enjoy.






Claire xx


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