Who doesn’t like the food hall in Marks and Spencer? Some people may not immediately think of M&S as being gluten free friendly and may automatically rock up to Sainsbury’s or Tesco or any of the other giants. Don’t dismiss M&S as they absolutely rock when it comes to filling your belly with goodies free of gluten. I admit their actual stand alone gluten free shelf section isn’t huge but you will find loads of gluten free goodies throughout the shop. Did you known they do gluten free pork pies for example? I have eaten them many a time and they are AMAZING. That’s what I love about M&S is that they think slightly outside the box and have produced food items not on sale in any other supermarket. They have recently launched a gluten free desert section and I really did want to do a little happy dance in the aisle, but, well, that would have looked odd. I wanted to take it all home with me but my waistline would not have appreciated that all in one go. What I have tried thus far are the following:


Holy moly, please do not stop making these M&S!! The trifle is a classic trifle with all of the traditional layers – this is the first shop bought trifle I have eaten in nine years and it tasted pretty darn good. I think it was supposed to serve four but I would have happily devoured the entire bowl with a large spoon given half the chance!
Cheesecake is my thing and I really do like the simple New York kind. This hit the spot. Creamy, decadent, not overly sweet and perfect texture.
The range also includes chocolate sponge puddings, apple pie and rhubarb crumble.
It is worth noting that practically all M&S burgers and sausages are also gluten free and there is plenty dotted though the store that gluten free eaters can happily digest including breaded fish, chicken and other such goodies.
I love you M&S!
Claire xx

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