On Friday I headed from London to Cornwall for a family christening. Anybody who has done this journey knows it is a long slog and sweet treats (and Diet Coke) are required.

What I love about this journey now is that I can actually purchase gluten free products on the road which is sooo bloody refreshing! My lunchtime pit stop is generally Exeter services, it means I have broken the back of the journey and I only have an hour and half to go (as long as I don’t get stuck behind a tractor, cows etc.) As a service station is is generally uninspiring but it does have the mecca that is Marks and Spencer. You have probably heard me rave about M&S – I love them. Their food halls have such massive gluten free choices and they are thoroughly nice bods too. It is only a small food space in the services but they still have gluten free choices – sandwiches, sweet treats etc. I grabbed a chicken and salad sandwich as well as this little beauty:

This hit the spot! Washed down with a Diet Coke it was the perfect pick me up. Marks and Spencer continually bring out fab gluten free products and long may this continue.
Thanks M&S
P.S Please make me one of your gluten free testers! 😉

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