Gluten free cake has come on massively over the years and so many cafes and eateries have one or two cakes sans gluten to choose from, which would have been practically unheard of when I was first diagnosed.

One establishment where the cake always rocks is a little garden centre in Chessington called Court Farm. They have a pretty cafe with seating outside when the weather co-operates in the warmer months. I have been there a few times but always failed to follow up with a blog post although the intention was always there! After a crazy few months I finally have a chance to get the Macbook out.

There is generally always a choice of two gluten free cakes on offer and the day I last visited was no exception. They had carrot cake and chocolate cake on offer – I could not decide between the two so I made my friend choose one whilst I had the other so I could steal of course!


Cake heaven!! Both were equally as delicious. My friend is not gluten free and she would never have known.
If you are in the area pay them a visit and do yourself a favour and have a slice of cake with your cuppa!
Claire xx

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