Last night I caught up with a good friend in Wimbledon Village and we were debating where to eat over a glass of wine. She suggested a new place that recently opened in the village called Burger Shack. We had no idea if they had gluten free options but we thought we would check it out nonetheless in the hope that the burgers didn’t contain the infamous breadcrumbs! Five minutes later I had been informed the burgers were gluten free and that they also had gluten free buns – I was already one glass of wine down and feeling very hungry so I was one very happy camper. I had also just finished a month of Boot Camp sessions so felt like splurging! The staff were very helpful, informative and friendly, and the restaurant had a relaxed, fun and cosy vibe – perfect for a rainy and cold Saturday night.


The sight of this made me drool! The burger was perfectly cooked – nice and pink on the inside and arrived with the perfect accompaniment:
Sweet potato fries dipped in mayo and ketchup.
Ok so I did leave the restaurant significantly heavier as we also managed to sink a bottle of wine between us too but my tummy was definitely happy!
Burger Shack have various locations mainly across London – all listed on their website. Check them out.
Claire x

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