So, 2017 is upon us and I realised I have not posted since November. Last year was a bit of a funny one for me, a lot happened and I simply did not have as much energy or even, at times, the inclination to blog during the second half of the year. I know the start of a new year is different for everybody, for me I find it exciting, it feels like I can shed an old skin and start afresh.

So, as we enter into a brand new shiny year I wanted to try and get my blogging game back. I have no idea how often I will post but hopefully it will be with more regularity than of late.

The cold months for me mean bowl food – serve me anything that comes in a bowl and I am one happy camper. If I can put it in a bowl I will! A perfect bowl lunch is soup, I am not a huge soup lover but it is so convenient and easy to prepare so I put myself on a mission to find some gluten free soups to get excited about. I took a trip to my local Waitrose to see if they could entice me with anything on their shelves. Boom! I stumbled upon a soup range by a company called Yorkshire Provender – no typical tomato or minestrone soups here. They have a fab range of soups including cauliflower cheese – this one is on my list to try! I grabbed a roast chicken soup to take to work the following day.

The soup was not like your normal tin of soup, it was fresh, really filling and tasted like a roast chicken dinner in a bowl – perfect! All of their range looks exciting and I am keen to pop a couple more in my fridge. Tummy warming stuff, especially when served with a hunk of gluten free bread with lashings of proper salted butter.

Yorkshire Provender are a family business and you can buy their products from a variety of shops including Waitrose and Tesco. Give them a try!

Claire x

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