It is rather apt that I am publishing this blog post today as today marks the end of British Pie Week. Pie and mash has become a British staple, generally smothered in lashings of gravy with some vegetables on the side if we are feeling particularly ambitious! Pie was one thing that was omitted from my diet when gluten became my enemy. You could, of course, make your own pie but making your own pastry was always a bit of a faff (and I have a tendency to be lazy!) and it was a while after my diagnosis that decent ready made pastry hit the shelves. As the gluten free market has grown companies are always upping their game and g/f products hitting the shelves are, in a word, brilliant.

I heard about Pieminister pies via my Twitter feed and was keen to get my hands on one. I discovered they are not the easiest pie to find, they are available in Waitrose although only selected ones – I hope this changes. I called the guys at Pieminister to see if they could advise me which Waitrose near me stocked them, they were incredibly helpful and pointed me in the right direction. As luck would have it the evening I popped in they were reduced – woohoo!



 I had my pie with proper mash and broccoli and devoured the plate within seconds. This is hands down the best gluten free pie I have eaten. The pastry was thick, tasty and moorish and the pie was packed full of meat with spot on seasoning. Along with the potatoes and vegetables it was a proper hearty meal and one that I am keen to eat again soon.

For non meat eaters Pieminister also make a Heidi pie filled with goat’s cheese, red onion, spinach and sweet potato.

If I could fill my freezer with these little beauties I would 🙂

Claire xx

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