This blog post is way way overdue. One Saturday earlier this year I met my best friend for cake and gossip – what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Best friends since we were 11 years of age we can easily lose hours chattering away. I had been keen to try a cafe/bakery/patisserie I had heard about called Manna Dew in Battersea and as I had since moved to the area it seemed an ideal opportunity. I met my friend at Clapham Junction station and we walked the short journey to the cafe.

I should point out that Manna Dew is entirely gluten free so a complete heaven for me, they sell all sorts of products including freshly baked bread and delectable looking cakes. It didn’t take me long at all to figure out what I was going to devour – cheesecake! I love cheesecake, hands down it has to be one of my favourite deserts. Despite it being a very easy pudding to make gluten free you don’t often see it in eateries hence it was no brainer for me to opt for this sweet treat.

It was gorgeous and it was such a treat to know I could eat anything in the cafe. It is quite a small space with limited seating but we managed to grab a spot by the window so we could see the world go by outside.

Manna Dew are London’s first gluten free patisserie, they are open seven days a week and also do a cake delivery service Monday to Saturday. They are are active on social media (the instragram pics make me drool!) so go and saturate them with some love and pay them visit if you are in the neighbourhood.

Happy cake eating!

Claire xx

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