I love bowl food. If you can cook a meal in one pan and then pop it straight into a bowl even better. I also love noodles and up until a few days ago I could only eat rice noodles (I like the big fat ones). However, I was doing some food shopping in Tesco recently and noticed these:

They looked a little different and I liked the fact they came in a split snap pack. Oomi noodles are a high protein, low fat noodle and can be eaten hot or cold. The protein, rather unusually, comes from fish! A few reviews on Ocado (they stock in both Tesco and Ocado) said they tasted a little fishy – I did not pick up on this at all and it probably wouldn’t have bothered me anyway as I love fish.

I love the versatility of noodles, the fact that you can chuck anything in the pan and it’s a fab way of using up vegetables.

I did a simple recipe of beef, ginger, red onion, soy sauce (gluten free obvs) and chilli.

It was really really good and reminded me of the old days when I could devour egg noodles. I would definitely recommend Oomi noodles, I found mine in the vegetable/stir fry section in Tesco so go check them out. I am looking forward to trying new recipes using the noodles!

Claire xx

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