Afternoon tea is a luxurious treat and one I absolutely love to do at any given opportunity. Since being diagnosed as a coeliac I do have to do my research though to find places that are tummy friendly, but over the years I have found that this is not all that difficult. More and more places are becoming gluten free friendly and the choices more varied and adventurous. Post diagnosis I have had many a lovely afternoon tea including one at The Ritz, which everybody has to do at some point.

It was my birthday at the beginning of April and my lovely friend booked an afternoon tea for the two of us as a treat at La Fait Maison on Gloucester Road, London. I had vaguely heard of the cafe but did not know much about it I must admit. My friend also opted for the gluten free version for ease.

We caught the bus to the King’s Road and made the short walk up to the cafe which was a good opportunity to have a nose at the lovely properties en route.

We arrived at La Fait Maison ready to devour lots of goodies! The staff greeted us warmly and were very friendly and accommodating. It was clear that g/f was not an issue at all so I felt instantly at ease. We had a mocktail each and selected out tea.

Then out came the tier of sandwiches and cakes, it looked gorgeous. The waiter explained what each cake was (I forget now though I am afraid) while we were waiting to dig on in the second he walked away! Every single sandwich and cake was beautiful and we polished the entire lot off. It was all done whilst gossipping away and having a really good catch up. I love spending time with my girlfriends and having a natter, but to do it over cake makes it even better. To me, it is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

I would not hesitate to go back to La Fait Maison and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience. If you visit the branch on Gloucester Road you can then also then take the opportunity to do a big of shopping (Sloane Square is very close by) or have a mooch around the National History Museum which is a very short hop away.

Claire xx

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