I like sweet and salty in equal measure. I love crisps and a dip alongside a cool glass of wine sitting outside in the summer just as much as I like a bowl of something sweet curled up in front of the television watching a cheesy film.

To be fair I am not the biggest ice cream fan in the world so if I do invest in a tub its got to be packed with flavour and ideally contain chocolate in some form. I noticed this tub in Tesco a few weeks back and thought I would give it a whirl. The double chocolate chip called out to me in all honesty. Perfect World ice cream is both dairy and gluten free and has no added sugars. There are currently four different flavours – double choc chip, caramel pecan, mint choc chip and a taste of carrot cake. All of the (not so scary) nutritional bumph is clearly outlined on their website so you can see exactly what you are putting in to your body.

I had not idea what my expectations were with this ice cream test but I REALLY liked it. So much so that I managed to put away the entire tub in just three sittings – oops! It had just the right amount of sweetness and filled the craving you tend to have an hour or so after eating your main meal. It had a sort of a mousse consistency, which I really liked. Perfect World ice cream is currently available at Tesco, Nisa stores and Ocado. Go stock up your freezer.

I have completely fallen in love with Manomasa tortilla chips. I was at a BBQ recently when I first spotted them, my friend had picked them up from Waitrose but checking out their website I can see they are readily available from many different shops including Tesco and Sainsbury’s. I could have easily chomped down the entire bag in one easy sitting but I restrained myself for not wanting to look like A) a complete pig and B) rude! They were so good though – we had the serrano chilli and yucatan honey flavour which had a kick but a really good kick. The next day I sped to Waitrose to throw some in my basket along with a hot salsa dip. These would be awesome in a nacho dish or piled up with cool feta – drool. They have some really cool recipes on their website, which are definitely worth checking out.

My nacho dish may have to wait though as I have four weeks of boot camp starting on Saturday so for a wee while at least it will be all about the baked fish and steamed veg. Everything in moderation though right?

P.S Since I wrote this post I happened to tweet about how much I loved the Manomasa tortillas and the lovely people at the company sent me some more flavours to try – well it would be rude not to dig in!

Claire xx

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