On a recent visit to Truro, my new home to be, we found ourselves hungry and wanting to grab a light lunch. I am in the midst of a month long intensive bootcamp and wanted to put something good in my body. My boyfriend suggested Archie Browns. Archie Browns is a vegetarian cafe where a great deal of the menu is gluten free. There is also a fab little shop downstairs selling lots of gluten free products, some of which you may not find in a regular supermarket.

I ordered the gluten free quiche of the day (cheese, red pepper and pesto) which came with a side salad. This was no regular limp leaf sort of side salad, this was a colourful, flavourful salad with chickpeas, rice and some leaves I have to say I did not recognise. It felt like a hearty yet healthy lunch where along with my smoothie I think I managed pretty much of all of my five a day in one sitting. As I felt I had been so virtuous with my choice of lunch I decided to finish off with a slice of the raw chocolate torte.


Archie Browns is a place I know I will visit a lot following my move. It was so nice to be presented with various gluten free options with not a jacket potato and iceberg lettuce salad in sight. The cafe was busy which is always a good sign and the staff were helpful and really friendly.

I will be in for lunches, cake and take away smoothies to drink at my new desk when I feel I am not getting enough fruit and veg into my body. I have to to say too it was nice to have a break away from meat.

I think I have found a new favourite spot in my new home.

Claire x

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