A few weeks ago we went a bit bonkers and drove from Cornwall all the way to Edinburgh for three nights to visit my brother and family. It was cheaper than flying and who doesn’t love a road trip armed with Percy Pigs. As we had the car we were able to go a little further afield so on the day before we headed back we drove the short distance from South Queensferry where we based to Culross (pronounced Cooross). Culross is a gorgeous historic little village on the shores of the Firth of Forth in Fife and came highly recommended by my brother.  This place really is beautiful and after a mooch, we sought out tea and cake. We found a lovely little place The Biscuit Cafe which just happened to serve gluten free cake – yay. To be perfectly honest I can’t remember what the cake was but it was really good that I can assure you of. Below the cafe is a little pottery shop which is worth a visit on your way out.


I thought I would add some photos of Culroos too, if you find yourself this way do pay this town (and cafe) a visit.






Claire xx

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