Pizza Lunch Date at Stable

So, its been a while since I’ve done a pizza post so thought it was about time I got back on the gooey cheesy train I love so much.

I was in Cornwall last weekend and a pizza lunch date was in order so I was whisked off to Stable in Falmouth. Feeling slightly hungover on a cold grey day happiness beckoned in the form of cheese topped goodness. I have to be honest Stable is a new find for me, a quick Google tells me they first opened in Dorset in 2007 and have been growing ever since. I noticed one has popped up in Cardiff when I was home over Christmas so am planning to take my Mum next time I am in town.

I loved the interior of Stable, warm with lots of wood and the comforting smell of pizza – it doesn’t take much to make me happy. The selection of pizzas on offer was a little different to other establishments (in a good way) so it took me a while to decide what to plump for. I eventually decided to opt for the Blazing Saddle which included pulled beef, caramelised onions and jalapeños. It. Was. Good

I took a look at the other Stable menus and I like that they tailor them to the location – you can get a Cymru Clucker in Wales and a Clifton Suspender in Bristol. I like little touches.
Check their website for all their locations, hopefully there will be one local to you.
Claire xx
P.S the pizza cured my hangover 🙂

Bowl Food – Yorkshire Provender soup

So, 2017 is upon us and I realised I have not posted since November. Last year was a bit of a funny one for me, a lot happened and I simply did not have as much energy or even, at times, the inclination to blog during the second half of the year. I know the start of a new year is different for everybody, for me I find it exciting, it feels like I can shed an old skin and start afresh.

So, as we enter into a brand new shiny year I wanted to try and get my blogging game back. I have no idea how often I will post but hopefully it will be with more regularity than of late.

The cold months for me mean bowl food – serve me anything that comes in a bowl and I am one happy camper. If I can put it in a bowl I will! A perfect bowl lunch is soup, I am not a huge soup lover but it is so convenient and easy to prepare so I put myself on a mission to find some gluten free soups to get excited about. I took a trip to my local Waitrose to see if they could entice me with anything on their shelves. Boom! I stumbled upon a soup range by a company called Yorkshire Provender – no typical tomato or minestrone soups here. They have a fab range of soups including cauliflower cheese – this one is on my list to try! I grabbed a roast chicken soup to take to work the following day.

The soup was not like your normal tin of soup, it was fresh, really filling and tasted like a roast chicken dinner in a bowl – perfect! All of their range looks exciting and I am keen to pop a couple more in my fridge. Tummy warming stuff, especially when served with a hunk of gluten free bread with lashings of proper salted butter.

Yorkshire Provender are a family business and you can buy their products from a variety of shops including Waitrose and Tesco. Give them a try!

Claire x

Burger Happiness at Burger Shack

Last night I caught up with a good friend in Wimbledon Village and we were debating where to eat over a glass of wine. She suggested a new place that recently opened in the village called Burger Shack. We had no idea if they had gluten free options but we thought we would check it out nonetheless in the hope that the burgers didn’t contain the infamous breadcrumbs! Five minutes later I had been informed the burgers were gluten free and that they also had gluten free buns – I was already one glass of wine down and feeling very hungry so I was one very happy camper. I had also just finished a month of Boot Camp sessions so felt like splurging! The staff were very helpful, informative and friendly, and the restaurant had a relaxed, fun and cosy vibe – perfect for a rainy and cold Saturday night.


The sight of this made me drool! The burger was perfectly cooked – nice and pink on the inside and arrived with the perfect accompaniment:
Sweet potato fries dipped in mayo and ketchup.
Ok so I did leave the restaurant significantly heavier as we also managed to sink a bottle of wine between us too but my tummy was definitely happy!
Burger Shack have various locations mainly across London – all listed on their website. Check them out.
Claire x

Time for cake

Gluten free cake has come on massively over the years and so many cafes and eateries have one or two cakes sans gluten to choose from, which would have been practically unheard of when I was first diagnosed.

One establishment where the cake always rocks is a little garden centre in Chessington called Court Farm. They have a pretty cafe with seating outside when the weather co-operates in the warmer months. I have been there a few times but always failed to follow up with a blog post although the intention was always there! After a crazy few months I finally have a chance to get the Macbook out.

There is generally always a choice of two gluten free cakes on offer and the day I last visited was no exception. They had carrot cake and chocolate cake on offer – I could not decide between the two so I made my friend choose one whilst I had the other so I could steal of course!


Cake heaven!! Both were equally as delicious. My friend is not gluten free and she would never have known.
If you are in the area pay them a visit and do yourself a favour and have a slice of cake with your cuppa!
Claire xx

Hidden Hut, Portscatho

Last weekend I pootled down to Cornwall – Portscatho on the Roseland Peninsula to be exact for a family Christening. Portscatho is a tiny, beautiful fishing village and is the perfect place to escape to. One lunch time we took the short clifftop walk to The Hidden Hut, a gorgeous cafe sitting above Porthcurnick beach. We went on Soup Sunday and there were several soups to choose from, many being gluten free. They also had gluten free rolls and a choice of around three to four gluten free cakes. I went for the salt cod and chorizo soup which was absolutely delicious; massively hearty and filling.

The photo really doesn’t do it justice!
The beautiful walk to the Hidden Hut from Portscatho.
Unfortunately I had no room for cake but next time I will find room. The people who run Hidden Hut also run Tatums in Portscatho I believe (a gorgeous little coffee and cake/pastry stop) overlooking the beach. Do visit both if you are in the area. Do check for opening hours before you set off though!
Claire xx

Sweet Snacking

On Friday I headed from London to Cornwall for a family christening. Anybody who has done this journey knows it is a long slog and sweet treats (and Diet Coke) are required.

What I love about this journey now is that I can actually purchase gluten free products on the road which is sooo bloody refreshing! My lunchtime pit stop is generally Exeter services, it means I have broken the back of the journey and I only have an hour and half to go (as long as I don’t get stuck behind a tractor, cows etc.) As a service station is is generally uninspiring but it does have the mecca that is Marks and Spencer. You have probably heard me rave about M&S – I love them. Their food halls have such massive gluten free choices and they are thoroughly nice bods too. It is only a small food space in the services but they still have gluten free choices – sandwiches, sweet treats etc. I grabbed a chicken and salad sandwich as well as this little beauty:

This hit the spot! Washed down with a Diet Coke it was the perfect pick me up. Marks and Spencer continually bring out fab gluten free products and long may this continue.
Thanks M&S
P.S Please make me one of your gluten free testers! 😉


Pho has been on my list for ages, I recently moved to Wandsworth Common and discovered there was one spitting distance away on Battersea Rise. I knew Pho were gluten free friendly but I massively underestimated just how gluten free friendly they actually are. The entire menu aside from  one of the deserts and the beer was gluten free! Score!

For startes I had the chicken and vegetable rice rolls:

So fresh tasting and very filling!
For my main I had flat rice noodles with chicken:
Again it felt healthy but not super unhealthy. Big portions too!
Pho has a relaxed and laid back ambience perfect for a lunch or dinner date. I want to go back and try one of their salads next. It was nice to try something different and something slightly more healthy.
Pho have about 19 branches scattered across the UK, if you are near one do check it out. I am going to be utilising my local one that is for sure – I have a lot of dishes to work through!
Claire x

Lunching in Abergavenny

I can’t believe the last post I did was back on the 21st of August! Since then I have moved and a lot has happened hence I fell off my game but I am back on it! I am currently home in Wales and spent a gorgeous afternoon yesterday with my cousins mooching around Abergavenny. We were looking for somewhere for lunch and decided on the The King’s Arms, a sixteenth century coaching inn right in the heart of the town. I only really wanted a light bite and looking at the menu it didn’t seem good but when I enquired I was told they could amend any dish and that they also had gluten free rolls so I could have plenty of the sandwich options – woohoo! I was sold.

I opted for a BLT which I enjoyed with a side of chips (had to be done) and a glass of white wine.

The rolls were lovely! The pub is also gorgeous and I can imagine snuggling up there in the winter time with a large glass of wine.

I also want to say how friendly and accommodating the staff were too and next time I am back in Abergavenny I will back to visit!

Claire xx


Cote is a chain that has been around for a fair while but for some reason I had never paid them a visit. I have no clue why as I have been aware for a while that they have a gluten free menu. I finally dined there last Friday and I can’t wait to go back. Their gluten free menu is immense – there is so much choice and variation to go with it. Not a piddly choice on the desert menu either. They are incredibly careful about cross contamination and knowledgeable to boot. Big ticks all around. It took me a fair while to decide what I fancied but went for a dish that I generally would not opt for – pork belly. It was a good choice.

I am a sucker for chocolate deserts so went for the chocolate pot topped with creme fraiche.

Cote have it spot on and get a massive thumbs up from my gluten free tummy!


Muscle food pizza

Yes, my love of pizza continues but I try and reign it in for the sake of being able to fit into my clothes. However, I recently made a Muscle Food order and discovered that they do gluten free pizza so of course that went in my basket straight away. What I loved is that is significantly lower in calories than many other pizzas out there.

Considering it is lower in calories than your average pizza it is a very decent one! Packed full of toppings and an extremely thin base (where many calories I imagine are being saved). If you are a pizza junkie like me I would definitely give these a try!
Claire x